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Company News >> Decorative Woven Metal Mesh Panel
----Decorative Woven Metal
Decorative woven metal, is actually a type of metal decorative mesh (or architectural mesh) with the most kinds of patterns. It normally woven by stainless steel, copper & brass wire in Warp & Weft, to use different wire & woven in different distance, you can image thousands of patterns.
decorative woven metal mesh
One type of this architectural mesh is woven close (0% open area), which now popular use as a metal decorative panel of elevator interior cab & lobby wall cladding. it's a decorative metal panels with more vivid pattern than patterned plate, especially under the lighting.
elevator cab decorative metal mesh panel
The other type of mesh is woven relatively sparse, but with this character of light & air passable, it can be widely used as partition(room divider), wall cladding, exterior facade, decorative stair handrail & sunshade etc.
lobby wall cladding woven  mesh
And of couse there are many other ways to distinguish the category of decorative woven metal mesh, but here we'd like to introduce more metal meshes to you special on the woven way, some of them woven twilled, cut rhombic, or even special wire added in, any type you can image, we make it happen,
special decorative/architectural crimped mesh
And the last thing but the most important, most of the wire surface worn by mould before it wovend, which makes the surface of the decorative mesh panels not bright enough. it's complained by designers & architect the most. we have many tests after that & finally we make out the mesh polished which no one else in the market supply right now. For your special request on the gloss, it will be a better choice~
polished architectural metal mesh
Welcome if anyone would like to discuss with us about this type of mesh & we wish to growing together with you in the architect & design industry.
interior cladding architectural mesh installation
Architectural mesh dividers
Date: 13th Apr. 2017
By: PinYee Hebei Office

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