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Company News >> Architectural Mesh interior Sunshade

---------Architectural flexible mesh interior sunshade
Here we'd like to introduce a project of PYH-RR architectural mesh. A small one of interior sunshade but can shown lots of the charaters of it,

1.) The mesh is woven with smaller wire pitch in this project to weak the sunlight from outside, and the stainless material keeps it antirust in strong UV,
Sunlight will be just enough as we wanted with mesh behind the window,

2.)The mesh will separate the outside and interior indistinctly & increase spatial layer sense. It won't stope your view from inside but can mostly stop the sight of outside,

3.) Architectural Mesh is easy installation, with fastener at the top & bottom, the mesh is stretched like the bamboo curtain splint.
This is a very important character of architectural mesh mostly shown in the facade project. Each piece of mesh could be 20 meters higher & install with fastener on bottom, top & middle,pretty much easier than normal type of metal or glass facade installation.

Hope that everyone could use the material in right way & crate more cool design for the living~

Some spec. from PinYee Hebei for your to DOWNLOAD, Customized is more than welcome~

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