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Company News >> Tips of Installation of ring mesh height≥4.5 meter
 1. Material of ring mesh should be SS304 degree or others doing better on Tensile Strength,
2. Ring mesh should be whole welded, or part welded can pass your test (whole welded recommend)
3. the hanging rings of ring mesh should be even load,
4. Packing ring mesh in rolls with steel tube, tube leangth than the width of mesh curtain,
5. use a pair of bearings which fixed on frames. put the steel tube in the bearing and lift the ring mesh curtain carefully,
6. if the mesh curtain design as a waving looks, the connected part could be the same look or cutted straight part Install with angle,
7. connect part better chose stainless, thickness ≥3mm or even 5mm
waving mesh curtain
installation of ring mesh
How to lift the mesh curtain

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