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Company News >> Semi flexible Facade Mesh woven by wire rope & rod
 Facade Mesh - Woven stainless steel mesh curtain

 Facade Mesh still use less in the architectural when people do not known it deeply
facade protection mesh curtain wall
The facade mesh are woven by Stainless steel wire rope & rod, 
With the rope, it can be easily bend (contort), which means you can give it more look as you wish & your design ideas can be easily achieved by the workers when they install it,
And to be a metal material, it surely durable and able to give some protection effect,  more better is it won't make light pollution because the woven structure will reflect lights not only to one direction.
But of course, when their are LED lighting, it will shown your design idea just the best.
And there are still another usage you may want to know, it can let the air get through and limit the light, from the big or small mesh hole you request, you can control the light & became a sunshade material,
Last thing is we all hope there are suitable choice when we design the curtain wall, if you didn't find the right one on market, maybe our products is the right choice.

Date: 03rd JAN. 2017
By: PinYee Hebei Office

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